Everyone seemed to love the words she wrote even if they scratched their scalps in confusion while reading them (usually sending minute pieces of shampoo smelling scalp pouring down their shirts, which grossed Theresa out though she could relate to the action and the dandruff). She started getting bolder and writing bolder words as the air grew colder in anticipation of their second winter in Alaska. Correction: Winter in Alaska. “Winter” must be capitalized that far up North. Theresa and Ben began sketching out children’s stories about this frighteningly beautiful land, not wanting to Take Anything For Granted. But even with her Muse in full and present regalia, Theresa hid secret winks and penned secret words and felt deep throngs of Guilt and Anger and Arousal but wasn’t sure how to stop the train once it left the station.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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