Ben has trouble with scattered puzzle pieces. He’d rather have them all fit in their respective slots with nary a stray under the couch. If the pieces are scattered or one or more is missing his equilibrium is thrown completely out of alignment. If a room is strewn about and unfinished he feels deep pangs of unease; it’s all because he had a girlfriend once whose parents were hoarders and all of the boxes unnerved him. When Theresa and Ben move (which is  often), Ben takes everything out of boxes immediately and with a fevered purpose, stacking it on shelves and putting things in places that Theresa will change as soon as he’s left the room. Theresa doesn’t mind this little dance at all, though their relationship is older than a decade she still finds everything he does and is fascinating and beautiful, and doesn’t see that changing.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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