When our limbs were long

When our limbs were long

and ganging like colts’ and fawns’

we held hands to this

Thai, Sukhothai style
Seated Buddha, 14th-15th century
H. 22″
Gift of Mrs. Virginia Kettering, 1962.32

(see it at my favorite art museum – the Dayton Art Institute)

Backstory:  My best, best friend Jenny W. (though she’s not called that anymore) was/is beautiful and was/is this super-talented artist. I always loved the visual arts and breathed them and wrote about them but wasn’t all that fantastic at the execution of it. She was. From about 7th (?) grade on she and I would go to our local art museum (seriously, it’s one of the best I’ve ever been to) and stay for HOURS without parental chaperonage. We would wander, dream-like through the galleries and whisper our love for the pieces and end our day in an ivy courtyard in the middle of the museum. Our favorite section was the Asian art (though I do recall longingly staring at a sculpture of a hand – by Rodin no less – for a long time, and she seemed to love the giant Italian baroque period stuff) and we would just float through that place…Oh, youth. When magic is in everything and every brush-stroke or rounded bronze shoulder is a direct message from the Divine to you personally. I’m just starting to see things exactly that way again.


2 thoughts on “When our limbs were long

  1. DAI is your favorite? Interesting. Someday when you come to NYC, I must take you to the Frick Collection…

  2. It’s my favorite for nostalgic, deeply personal reasons. 🙂 Would love to go museum hopping with you!

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