Why I Want to be a Five-Year-Old When I Grow Up

  • They  fully realize their self-worth; they know that they are important people in the Universe and they are completely unashamed to admit this fact.
  • If they want to be immersed in fantasy world for a day or more, no one insists that they are experiencing a psychosis of sorts and that their levels of various chemicals must be adjusted.
  • If something bothers them the get the toxicity of it out of their system straight away. The proclaim it awful, and reject all traces of what is offensive to them.
  • They base judgement of others’ on whether they play fairly, or if they have similar interests, not external factors such as wealth, status, race, gender, nationality, religion, etc.
  • If they feel like singing they will sing. If they feel like crawling around on all fours and barking, they do so. If something is funny they laugh straight away, they don’t look around the room to see if any one else thinks it’s funny.
  • They interrupt and shout, they stomp and whine, they have no filters. While this leads to annoyance in a lot of instances, in others it leads to beautiful breakthroughs and moments of heightened emotion:  laughter will erupt from tears, frustration will turn into epiphany.
  • They are small and they are beautiful. They trust. They love.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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