I understand Anna’s reactions to music because I’ve pulled that feeling from my own arsenal. I think she might be a strong character, an interesting one, a quietly earth-shattering one, but she really needs developed – all of them do! My greatest fear are flat characters and dismal plot. I need to work on plot, too.

Am thinking of instead of forcing my muse to show me what she’s got every day I should be spending my time reading and absorbing right now. When the engine sputters it could be time to let it rest in the driveway for a while.

Also, remember this song for posterity: Wolfmother/Vagabond

I used to do this, just keep a page up all day at work and pop in with whatever I was thinking as it came. Today Xander walked into Kindergarten with a run and a jump and a “I’m so glad we get to donate caaaaaaaaaaaaaans!” and “It’s GYYYYYYYYYYM day!” (the kid LOVES exercising/running/kicking/leaping, etc). He’s learning a martial art. After just a few lessons his instructor is moving him up several levels – she says he has focus and precision. I think so too. I also think he loves it so I can’t say no. He’s an amazing young man, he’s gentle and he’s kind. He’s bright and he’s pensive. He seems somehow lighter in heart this year.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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