Haiku My Heart – Hands

Somehow recently, I tripped and fell and stumbled into the beautiful blog, Recuerda Mi Corazon. Every Friday, the author invites readers to write and share haiku in Haiku My Heart. Of course I am participating, since haiku is one of my favorite forms of self-expression. Funny how when prompted, I have trouble at first forming the words out of my lumpy clay brain. Below is my entry for today – you may click here if you’d like to explore the rest of my haiku (which usually feature a photograph of my husband’s).

Look – here are your hands

New, small, smooth without callous

so soon they will grow


If you’d like to read all of my haiku that I’ve published on this site, please click here.


22 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Hands

  1. I came here from the Mr. Linky link board at recuerdo mi corazon.
    So much that can be said about hands. The hands of a child speak volumes themselves. Yes, they are tender and unladen, and we old ones know how they might weather with the years.
    I have taken a quick glance at your other works and like the short piece you wrote about writer’s block. Doesn’t seem blocked to me at all. Very nice stuff here, Glad you have joined the ranks of Rebecca’s Haiku the Heart Friday.


  2. So happy you’ve joined the fun at Haiku My Heart. Every Friday, it’s like opening a string of presents hidden across the internet. Your tender haiku will touch hearts and the photo makes me recall my children, small, full of curiosity and wonder.

  3. Gorgeous photo and haiku. I love the way you express the wonder of looking at a child’s hands. I well remember looking at my own daughter’s hands at that age, and feeling the same things.

    P.S. I peeked around your blog a bit. About your book review of “Pieces of Me.” You got me with that one sentence. “A little brown sparrow of a book.” Makes me want to get hold of a copy and read it, TODAY.

    Keep writing, you’re good at it.

  4. welcome…so wonderful to have you with us. sharing the simplicity of skimmed down expression.

    i love this photograph. the duality of life captured in the one hand turned inward..soflty holding the other….which is in journey, exploration, reaching out to the edges of life.

    perfect coupling of words and image.
    you have haiku-ed my heart.

  5. Your haiku words are beautiful, as are the small, perfectly formed little hands.

    Thinking about your other haiku and husband’s pics reminded me of my love’s hands, which are now very calloused through hard work, but they have grown more beautiful to me with the years!

  6. Thank you so much for your encouraging and thoughtful comments – I feel like I’ve stumbled on a beautiful community…

  7. Small hands that touch the heart of the world and change lives with their soft touch. Beautiful photograph and sweet fragile thoughts.

  8. Sweet, sweet image and words. So true. We can only ponder what those tiny hands will some day accomplish.


  9. These comments are rocking my world. Also love that I have a whole slew of new writing to read – so much love to you all…xoxo

  10. Inspired by your words and photo:

    tiny hands—
    one day they will grasp
    distant stars

  11. Thank you so much! And that is a beautiful bit of haiku! I like how you use the unconventional 3,5,3.

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