It's SO late

Lately what’s become important to me when I’m listening to music are lyrics. There are so many lame songs out there, and it seems that is what is still being played on a reel on mainstream radio. When I’ve forgotten a mix cd or can’t get in one of my two favorite stations in (usually in the far western reaches of town) I punch the scan dial in frustration. Lame lame lyrics all over the place.  Take Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls for instance. Please, seriously? Take it. The lyrics mention scarlet lips and then red lips almost in the same line. They rhyme lips and fingertips. I know it’s just silly hair band music but why does life continue to foster and strengthen such bastions of mediocrity? It’s awful. It’s camp beyond the boundaries of anything chew-able. It’s like puking up some sort of regrettable girl drink, all pink and purple and glitter and itchy venereal disease.

Another recent, personal musical observation:  I have loved chamber music since childhood, namely creepy harpsichord, viol and lyre based chamber music.  I had an inappropriate love for the film Tous Les Matins du Monde from about age twelve, and as it tells the story of a chamber musician and his passions for his music and the women in his life, I quickly grew to love the simplicity of that era/style of composition and performance. It’s probably stemmed from that the late Guillaume Depardieu is young and beautiful and naked in some of it, but also the music is just powerful. I mean, listen…watch:

But what explains the lyre? In high school I loved anything to do with Greek and Roman mythology but my odd obsession started earlier than that. I didn’t give it too much thought until a revelation came to me while discussing what childhood movies that were some of my favorites that I will probably NOT let Xander watch until he is at least seven. One of these movies is Return To Oz. I won’t let Xander watch it (yet) because the Wheelies still give me bad dreams. EEEE.

But what’s the connection to chamber music? This scene, at about 2:00 in…

So delightlfully creepy and beautiful. The foreboding of that lyre playing. The spookiness heats up around 2:49, isn’t the actress pretty as the first Princess Mombi?

Isn’t the delayed dubbing driving you mad?

So when I hear lyre music, I think of heads behind glass, screaming. And I like it!

(Plus I love their teased up, mid-eighties coiffures – I’ll bet the set reeked of Vidal Sassoon products.)

(yes, it’s late)



"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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