Justine wanted to make a gift of Anna. She thought she was so young, so fresh, so perfect, so quaint that she thought Adam should gobble her all up like a pumpkin pie at Christmas. Justine wanted Adam to move past her own flesh, to remember but not retain his hold on her heart, so for him to strike up a romance with Anna would be just the thing to please all parties involved. Justine thought the time to do it was the upcoming dance. She knew Adam didn’t want to go, having grown up in stuffy parlors and not in the backseat of cars like she did, but she knew she had to try. For her own peace. So that she could fall in love with her husband properly. To exorcise Adam from her head. So she made a plan. A Pygmalion kind of plan that involved a dress, smudgy mascara, crimson lipstick, perfume.


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  1. You have a beautiful and amazing blog. I have been reading this haiku, which is quite stunning with its story of your recent journey and I also looked at your discussion of your plays written in college and the playwrights that you love. I was an English teacher in community college for 14 years, and love many of the same. Even your musical tastes, some of the videos you have embedded are quite striking further down. You are not listed or linked on Rebecca’s blog so no one will know that you have written this lovely piece. Please put your wonderful name in there.

  2. Oh my gosh, Noelle! Thank you! I did add myself to that linky thing but will try again. I really, really appreciate your comments and hope you’ll return. Writing is my true love, and it makes me feel good to share with the world – obscure as I am! xoxo

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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