Far Away

Attention writers, photographers, artists, and other assorted miscreants: A fellow writer friend and I are putting together an anthology/literary magazine thingy. We’re tired of putting our own stuff all over it so we need submissions. The theme of our first issue is “Far Away”, mainly because she and I are “Far Away” (I’m in East Tennessee, she’s in Sydney, Australia) and became friends via our writing. Most of the other folks participating are “far away”, too (we have a writer/photographer that we’re featuring who lives in Moscow)…but you can be in the Bering Straight or right next door to me. Anyway, take that theme, run with it, make something, don’t think about it too hard, email it to me at christine.dano.johnson@gmail.com soon, and I’ll put it in there. It’ll be pretty, I promise! If you want more descriptive guidelines, send me a message or write on my wall or something. I like attention! Thanks. Go!

Copyright Gary R. Johnson Photography


One thought on “Far Away

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"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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