Inspiration from Reality

Last night I was looking through some photos that Gary took on one of our trips to Independence Mine & Hatcher Pass last year (we went there more than any other place, except maybe save Girdwood and the Eagle River Nature Center), and was struck with a strong burst of love and adoration for my husband. He takes a lot of pictures. He’s a beautiful photographer. I am so deeply appreciative of the photos he took of Independence Mine, so that my stories about Justine, Adam, Blake, the Men in Caves, and now Anna can be fully formed and move through the earth like corporeal beings. I see the walls and plates and stairs. I see the windows. I see the schoolroom. I see the story taking shape and I know how it begins, transpires, and ends.

A view of what's left of one side of the dining hall area

Looking out from the bakery

Shelves for pans of cookies, biscuits, bread, etc. in the bakery/commissary kitchen

The window from the foreman's cottage - looking at the mine office/store. This is Justine's window.

Xander walking down the hall to the school room.

A miner's dorm room.

Justine's table in the foreman's cottage.

Xander looking serious in the schoolroom.

The Mountains Surrounding the Mine

Some of the mine buildings and the Valley below

The bullpen. Right near the schoolroom, where one of the young miners allegedly passed away.

…and there are so many more! I had forgotten he took so many pictures, and this is just one visit.


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"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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