Week of Cloudbursts – Haiku My Heart Friday

a week of cloudbursts –

of floods and whipping wet winds

both inside and out


Gary took the above photo on his phone. I also wanted to share some more because they’re pretty and pretty things bring me peace in this weird, wet, worrisome week:


Here’s one of my new-old typewriter, because of personal and awesome reasons:


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15 thoughts on “Week of Cloudbursts – Haiku My Heart Friday

  1. Again, your use of language astounds me with “whipping wet winds”. I love your photos, the buddha bust and the old typewriter are lovely, and you are very fond of windows I think–fond of soul openings. Beautiful haiku and subtle interesting hints at your life.

  2. Hiya,
    The inside winds are a little puzzling.
    Time to close the window?
    Or call the plumber:-)
    Nice www inside your haiku.

  3. I like the photos. We have had some wind here where I live, but nothing like what I’ve heard about East and West. Sounds like you were in one of those storm paths. Glad you’re able to write about it.
    Great photos. I like them a lot.


  4. Thanks, Noelle! Both the Buddha and the Typewriter were gifts from really special people – and yes, windows to me are terribly important!

  5. The winds were so woolly and wild down here this week! Nothing like when I lived in Alaska, though.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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