Oh Friday, you fizzle-brained day

Today is seriously one of those days of pounding my head against metaphorical walls trying to get what’s in it OUT. It’s not working today. So I will sort and organize photos and start the project that uses a different part of my brain. Speaking of different parts of the brain, am reading this book, and it’s keen –

Your Brain, A User’s Guide

…and gosh golly gee willakers is it good.

Am also reading, at the gentle nudging of my friend Stephanie, this fully satisfying tome –

I’ll Watch the Moon

It’s making me want to reach back and hold my mom and dad’s hands when they were children and had to worry about polio and wars and bombs from the sky.

…and I’ll allow myself an aside: mothers and fathers and caregivers, get your kids vaccinated. We are SO blessed to live when we do. Read some history before you abstain because of the off-chance (the off chance that has been debunked, by the way) that your child might become autistic after their vaccinations. I’ll take the chance to keep my kid alive and healthy and YOUR kid alive and healthy. In other parts of the world parents would give their teeth, their hearts, their own legs so that their children could get the vaccines that are readily available to the lucky few in the Western World. So do it, please. Don’t be so icky.  That’s it, I’m out.


2 thoughts on “Oh Friday, you fizzle-brained day

  1. Your Brain.. I am looking for this all over and can not find it. It must be reserved exlusively for American readers. I love that kind of stuff! If you don’t hold on to your books you’re welcome to pass it on to me!!!

  2. I checked it out from the library – maybe the book is exclusively reserved for American brains.

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