Shadow and Glitter

We went up there the same day that others did, and we spotted them

White buckets with mud splattered down the sides

Shadows of both hard and squashed black and blue berries, their shadows didn’t make us hungry

The littlest among us wanted to keep going higher, so high up

that when you got to the top you were standing beside yourself and looking away in horror

“You really went this high? Are you crazy? You could fall off the edge of the world, your limbs flying around you like ribbons and no one would hear you.”

The ground is soft and when you press your knees into it, your jeans get wet – The sun though present isn’t warm enough to dry you

But we kept walking and we pretended to talk to the others – We brought dragons up to the top with us

and choosing a rock, we sat

One of the others sat next to us, and our mouths were paralyzed when we realized that they weren’t leaving…

They wanted our rock – There were at least thirty others.

“Choose another rock.” We hissed at them.  “Choose another side of the mountain. We don’t want you.”

It didn’t matter as much when we walked to where the hidden lake was –  When reds and golds swirled together like paints on beige canvas

The others were there but they quickly evaporated into the landscape

The littlest among us made a small dam in a little snow melt stream out of sticks and rocks

and looked up now and then, seeing the stars that come from seeds and the shadow of the mountain

– (c) 2010 C. Dano Johnson


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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