Oh, there we are…

When our vision blurs

and we can’t quite feed ourselves

over there, we’ll go


and some sweet, tired nurse

will tape paper butterflies

on our big window

I wrote the above for Rebecca’s Haiku My Heart. I feel like I want to say more, but am failing at getting the proper words out.


15 thoughts on “Oh, there we are…

  1. this is stunning. I have a tear. It is so beautiful. I hope I have a sweet tired nurse with enough tape someday to bring me paper butterflies when I need them! You don’t need anymore words…this says it all.

  2. this stuns me.
    slays me.
    takes me “over there” and back again to hope the same hope.
    love love love,
    on our big window.

    you have conveyed it all…the perfect haiku, to be so emotive that the readers fill in the spaces with strong emotion, brought to life by the writers strength.
    certainly you have achieved this with full force.
    thank you…

  3. Sending big big love back to you all! I actually was moved to write this after seeing a nurse tape up pictures on the window of a room at the retirement home down the street from me. I often see them (the nurses) strolling the neighborhood on their lunch breaks and pushing residents in their wheelchairs on nice days. I also have a bit of a huge thing for butterflies, and got to thinking about Ninnie Threadgood’s nursing home room in Fried Green Tomatoes – all the taped up roses cut from magazines…and I thought, when it’s my time – I’d like butterflies everywhere.

  4. Yes, this is deeply moving and has a quality of innocence and poignancy that is beyond words. Thank you for sharing it. It is lovely!

  5. Butterflies are popping up all over the place for me these days, having a special meaning between my and my daughter, and so your haiku and picture are bringing a lump to my throat as to the kindness that exists in the world, which I am reminded of every time I visit Rebecca’s Haiku my Heart.

    Thank you for this very beautiful post.

    Sue x

  6. Thank you again, everyone…your thoughtful and loving comments are reminding me of all the good in the world. xoxo

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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