another aside (and you know I don't do this often)

What if we were in charge? Even just for a little while. Come on, people you’ve had over 2,000 years don’t you think it’s time you shared? And even if we were in charge we wouldn’t really rule. More like share. Think things through. Get things done. All of it. Because multi-tasking and productivity is something that we do so well. And I’m not talking about the multi-tasking and productivity that fattens your stock. We don’t use spreadsheets. We don’t need them.

I mean think about it. If we had the chance to run things for even just a little while everyone would have enough food, enough water, blankets and fans for when they needed sleep. We would insist on bedtimes, and we wouldn’t allow you to take off your clothes for just anyone, missy.

I don’t mean this to be some emphatic feminist plea (or maybe I do). I mean, everyone gets in a tither about the argument for a matriarchal society…that we should strive for down the line equality in the workplace, in the home, with our children, with our money, with our governments. But what about fairness? Men have predominantly run things for centuries upon centuries. Why shouldn’t we have a turn? Why should we continue to bow town like little painted geisha dolls and patiently wait for half a portion? And when we speak up a bit about wanting a stronger presence? When we express our deep longing to have our children well-cared-for in some sweet soft place for  the 7-9 hours while we make speeches, write papers, fix hearts and brains, answer suicide hotlines? Giant shoes fall down from the sky (sometimes spike heeled shoes from other women) and admonish us for even wanting to be two places at once. And then we feel sorry for ourselves and our spouses and our children and allow guilt to seep into our every waking thought.

It’s dumb. I’m sick of it. And yes,  I’m stomping my stockinged foot and demanding a turn on the swing. All of us. Don’t worry, we’ll share once we’ve been up there a while. Then we’ll divide it all equally and no one will fuss because if you fuss even just a little bit  it’s straight to bed with you.

(and that’s the closest you’ll see me get to a political-type rant…ok. it’s over now.)


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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