At the mouth of the cave

When Justine got to the mouth of the cave men were swarming like bees, their faces worn and worried and covered in dust. When they saw her, the breath left their lungs all at once; she looked beautiful as usual, they had to tell her that Blake was lost. No one wanted to be the one to make her white skin crack like a porcelain doll’s, to make her red lips part and frown. They were afraid they would be the one to inflict pain.  But someone had to, and since he was right there and knew what had happened, Adam grabbed her shoulders and whispered what he knew. He held her as she started to fall into the mud, and he accidentally (forgetting the men in caves were watching) wiped at the tears that were coming hard and fast. Her body shifted and shuddered and the ground shook beneath her, and eventually Adam had to pick her up and walk her all the way back down his office, where he placed her on his bed on top of his red and black quilt. He sat in a chair beside her and put his head in his hands. His nose dripped and his eyes hurt and he was sorry his bed was so cold. He wanted Justine to be warm, so he slowly laid down beside her as she fell into a coma-like sleep. He didn’t touch her, though. Not this time.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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