our lady of sitka

When the walls fell down

and flurries of snow and soot

swirled around our feet


She held our cold hands

she pulled us close to her heart,

and showed the way out

The Wonder-working Sitka Icon Of The Mother Of God.

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9 thoughts on “our lady of sitka

  1. chrissy,
    as you know many of us joined for 12 days to post images of mary….with each day, the comfort of coming together grew in power and inspiration. it was the sacred in the ordinary we were after. i posted an invitation today…one i want to extent to you.
    come. sit a spell….share….gather hearts that are one in the human condition, willing to find divine in the ordinary.
    just the simple gift of doing it together.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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