raven dancer

He was a boy

he lived on Top of the World

and danced with the other boys – they sat and beat their circle drums, guiding him to the front with their voices

He was the Raven. He was the one in front. He was the one to see.

His feet they stamped and stomped in rhythm with his best friends’ drums. His wrists cloaked in feathers, pounding out the story of his journey to the Top of the World to trick the Sun

Then he wasn’t a boy

he went to the city

You can smell exhaust in the snow

still the Raven

the Raven staggers

feathers clipped

feathers fall out

He dances without his friends

the white people in cars think he’s crazy, inebriated, a blight a drain a loser

a dumb drunk Native

They don’t know he’s a Raven

that he flew too far South

his wings too tired to take him back to the Top of the World




"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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