there you go (a small travelogue)

There are places there that are so blue, so turquoise, so white, so green. Their power lies in their ability to shut up the voices that live in your head, the voices that are reminding you to tally up your monthly budget or worry about your job or mourn for someone who used to love you.

Seward is one of these mind-quieting places. I realize there are those among us who have seen Seward from the porthole of a large cruise ship, or even from her gently rolling harborwalks. I’m asking you to break from your group. Ditch them while they use the restroom or eat their halibut in one of the overpriced restaurants close to the docks. Lose yourself all the way just by walking along the coast less than half a mile. There is silence there. There are little red churches. There are cups of coffee and warm cinnamon rolls and hotels with windows that actually open. And there you are. Free from the group, free from the world, free from your mind’s incessant chatter.

One thought on “there you go (a small travelogue)

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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