We’ve eradicated almost all of our natural, biological fears.

These are necessary for getting our heart-rate up, causing us to run, quickly, away from the tiger/bear/madman behind us. We can’t continue sitting around the fire eating fresh-caught wild boar, dripping with fat and blood if we don’t balance the weight with the adrenaline rush.

But predators,  who used to skulk and slink around our farms have all been detained, and possession and infection have been neutralized by little grey-green tablets. Take one, then pass the rest around until every one of us has swallowed.

What do humans do when all of our natural impulses fall away, leaving us placid and dull?

We invent irrational fears. We hide under our comforters and begin to smell a little. We hurt one another. We bite.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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