Happy Things Today

– Xander won two first place ribbons at his very first Field Day! He won a couple of the dash races. He told me one of the mom volunteers told him he was as fast as a cheetah. He’s blindingly fast, always has been. And he LOVES running, and making his heart go all fast in his chest (his words). Field Day was  held in the gym instead of in the field – E. Tennessee is  still in the cocoon of a strange cold snap. Only 55 degrees today; it feels like late spring in Alaska, not the mid-south! Looks like it too, all grey skies and low clouds and neon green grass dotted with purple and white wildflowers. I like it. It feels like our faraway home is visiting us briefly.

– Another weekend at Biltmore, and the rain stayed away long enough for us to smell all the roses and walk to the Bass Pond this time, cutting through the pretty meadow on our way back. Xander named a friendly goose “Jacques Gooseteau”, and we got to see new baby goats and lambs.

– Being home. Being here. Being able to write (even when my brain won’t let me and only garbage comes out). Getting focused on my book, and the getting the format where I want it.


2 thoughts on “Happy Things Today

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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