But more…

But more than that what I want to do right now is write down the dream I had last  night. Do you know it? Have you had one like it? Were you there? It was one of those dreams where you hide with the one you love, and you try and try to lower their face to yours and kiss them deeply, but swarms of tourists keep finding you. They exit their silver tour buses with their children, who are already clad in pink and blue bathing suits and clutching inflated duck rafts and beach balls, and run screaming past your hiding place on their way to your lake. They run exactly past the spot where you and the one you love were hiding in the tall green grass, and their running, pounding flip-flop feet kick up clouds of sand and grass and mud. And what’s worse is that a white and red bi-plane is crashing above your heads, its tail engulfed in orange flames and it’s tumbling and rumbling down, straight towards the spot where you are laying on a blanket in the green grass with the one you love. All the while you’re still trying to pull his face towards yours, trying to sit on his lap, trying to push him down into the sand.


But more than that I want to talk about this photo:

Stanley Kubrick took it when he was just a hyper-talented experimental photojournalist. See how he’s caught the mood and crafted the mood with his framing and point of view? See how his artistic style is already evident? Hypnotic.

But more than that I want to talk about this book that I’m reading – A Lucky Child: A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy, by Thomas Buergenthal. Have you read it? He was ten years old and was his parent’s only child. I’m only a little ways in but goodness it is gripping.

But more than that I want to talk about that today is Xander’s last day of Kindergarten. The End. His report card was over the moon amazing and there were many E’s for Excellent and S+’s for super wonderful and we’re going to the zoo after his early dismissal to celebrate. I am deeply grateful that he was given to us.


But more than that I want to thank you for indulging me in this foray from my usual fiction writing today. I’m feeling lighter and more gossamer and it’s almost summer, for pity’s sake! The projects I’m working on are being finalized and winding down, Men in Caves needs more work but most of it is plumping up and slimming down work and it’s fun. Our picture book is almost, really this time seriously, almost finished. The world is captivating again, and I’m ready to get naked with it, you know? No, you probably don’t know. I went too far there with that statement, didn’t I? Oh well, happy Summer nonetheless!

3 thoughts on “But more…

  1. I’ve had that dream. It’s lacked some of the specifics, maybe, but definitely shared the theme and generalities.

    I am deeply grateful that he was given to us.
    Oh, how this sentiment resounds with me! Every time I think of my mom, I think of seeing that little “+” and believing my life was over. I didn’t know then that my mom’s life was almost over, but . . . forever and always, thoughts of my mom will be interwoven with the profoundest sense of gratitude that this beautiful little man entered my life just before its greatest sadness, in a way that tempered the sadness for everyone.

    Whenever I start getting grumbly about things not going according to plan, I think about that. 🙂

    Also? Li’l D’s a little way from kindergarten yet, but I have no doubt it’ll be here before I know it!

  2. You go, girl. I know just what you mean about this time of year. I’m trying to ride the wave of momentum with this feeling….

    Have fun at the zoo!

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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