two minutes

….and just two minutes after I wrote the last post, which was thick with self pity and half-formed memories, Xander walked in with pieces of cardboard and a box of Playmobil guys. He showed me how he had made Battlestar Gallactica with the cardboard, and was picking out Playmobil dudes* who resembled the characters to place inside his diorama. He made it in less than five minutes, and oh by the way he’s reading now. Heaven hold my heart for a while, he’s growing up so fast.

Our children, if we let them, save us from ourselves. They reign in our former escapist longings and help turn them into beautiful stories, not self-destructive fits of mania.


*If you’re interested, Starbuck is a blonde Union Soldier guy, and there’s a skeleton Cylon, and Boxy is nowhere to be found.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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