I usually don’t have to rack my brain during this usually quiet time in the day. Xander is typically involved in playing outside or on the deck or else he’s deep in the throngs of a Gogo battle, a Playmobil epic quest, or a Lego construction project.  Today, though, my landlord is working in the downstairs condo and he’s using what sounds like a very large drill or a hive of angry bees down there. He’s gutted it completely, and is making it pretty and charming down there, like the rest of the units (if you are looking for a one-bedroom in West Knoxville, I would highly recommend this unit. It has stained glass and a sunken living room and a neat little sitting patio and loads of woodwork). Have I ever told you about my home? It’s actually quite beautiful, and every unit was hand built by the man who is currently drilling incessantly downstairs (we love Mack, so if I sound annoyed I’m really not. It’s just that the floor is vibrating).

Anyway. I lots to say and lots to edit. I was looking at one of my moleskin notebooks and I’m still kvetching about some of the stuff I was kvetching about in January! Need to to get the eff on all that, you know? But right now. Right now my brain is shooting off in a hundred directions and the floor is still vibrating and we’re going to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Maybe tonight I’ll have a proper channel out of my head and I can chat a bit longer. Something prettier and less chatty.

We’re camping this weekend, at Elkmont in the Smokies. We’re going to get to see the synchronous fireflies I wrote about the other day, and I’ll have to share our thoughts and visions and stuff after I get back. Hopefully the floor will no longer be vibrating.

2 thoughts on “vibrating

  1. !!!

    Synchronous fireflies!


    I’m so excited for you!

    I suppose that’s obvious, given the excessive use of exclamation points. But still–!!!

    Also, every time you refer to Mack, I have to remind myself you are referring to a very different Mack than the one I just visited in Colorado.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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