Last night Xander was practicing writing the infinity symbol (∞), which Gary taught him how to do a few weeks ago. Like most young children, he’s fascinated with forever and always and numbers never-ending. He asks me to tell him, over and over, that numbers never end, and that they go on and on all around us. That there are more stars in the Universe than we could ever ever count.

Do you know what he said yesterday? He said, “People are infinity. There are the ones who live now, this tribe that we’re in, and then there are all the tribes before, and they all live in Heaven. We can’t count how many.”

I started thinking of the stardust that floats in all of us. I started thinking about how truth lives in the minds of children, and how can we help to keep the world from crowding out the beautiful way that we are born thinking?



4 thoughts on “infinity

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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