thoughts after opening a box of old photos

Today I’m thinking about musty corners, old apartments, and my formerly skinny arms and legs.  I feel younger now that I’m older and a bit rounder.  Less fussy and blurrier around the edges. I think we donate our youth to our children for a while, along with our stick-thin limbs. Eventually we get our youth back as they grow up, it trickles and floats through the air, returning to us in a new fuzzy form. As a mother I’m allowed to run through the grass barefoot again, I can blow raspberries for absolutely no reason except that it feels good, I can sing out loud without irony. When you have children and they kind of look like you did when you were small, you kind of grab the earth in your hands and understand the beauty of our human biology. The purpose and the meaning behind the runny nose and the temper tantrum.

Always, this song.


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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