little scenes


After visiting the Fredericksburg battlefields (in the hot, hot, heat), I bought Xander this little set of Civil War soldiers in the gift shop. He proceeded to line them up in the dirt and draw a line in the dust for them to fight for. Apparently he was listening to the NPS historian more than we realized.

He loves to create scenes. He uses army men sometimes, Star Wars guys sometimes, Playmobil sets sometimes…He’s always been so calmed by it. We used to take a bucketful of “men” to the public greenhouse in Anchorage and take turns hiding them in the plants and along the walkways. Other people would come in from the cold into the humid greenhouse and be surprised by a tiny Galactic Hero Storm Trooper hanging from an exotic fern.

I don’t have any warm, mom-blog conclusions, just wanted to share this photo. I wanted to plant it here, so that I can look back often and remember that day.



6 thoughts on “little scenes

  1. I understand fully about planting photos, memories. this is a lovely one indeed. thank you for coming by my blog and commenting. i look forward to coming back her often. you have a beautiful blog, so thoughtful, open and loving. thank you.

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