What did she see?

A monk, draped in orange robes, walking through a blizzard. When the snow settled she could see that they were in a birch forest; the ground was wet and cold beneath her bare feet. Mesmerized, she fell quickly in love. His orange robe blew around his thin brown limbs, but he didn’t appear to be cold. She wanted to follow him deeper into the forest, but when she moved to walk towards him a branch broke under her small foot. She  got too close. When the monk saw he was being followed, he fell to the ground. When she ran to where he had stood, all that remained was his orange robe. It was bright and bold against the snow.

Are you worried? Please don’t be. Because once the monk left the fox came back.  Sometimes I see his brushy, elegant tail curling around the trunk of a birch.

(c) Gary R. Johnson Photography

Have been in a strange sort of rut the past few days. A low point in my creative mania. I struggled to write the above, and it’s admittedly, not my best writing or even my seventh-best writing. When this dip in my usual happy, natural flow occurs I usually hunker down, keep quiet, and read a lot of books. Ones with pictures.

I DID see the monk, the blizzard, the birch, and the fox today in yoga class during savasana.  In trying to keep my mind quiet and still, I had a sort of vision of my brain as a snowglobe. Inside the blizzard was the monk: bald, small, and wearing an orange robe. In my vision he fell, then turned into a small fox, and ran behind one of the birch trees.

4 thoughts on “orange

  1. Lovely place to pause, that photo (and the scene you saw/invented).

    I know what you mean about the weird spot….funky energy going on (end of summer, hot, icky, getting ready to charge forward into what’s next).

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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