knee deep

I am currently knee-deep in creating the next issue of Far Away. If you’re lonesome for me or my erratic prose, do not despair! I’ll be back soon.

Oh! And I wanted to tell you all something. Yesterday I was downtown doing some banking and latte-ing, and as I exited my favorite coffee shop (through the back entrance, through the courtyard) and headed to Market Square, I saw a man who looked just like a young Waylon Jennings playing a guitar and singing Folsom Prison Blues. A little further down from him was a preacher in a suit and tie shouting you can be saved by the blood of Jesus! and further down from him, just past Krutch Park, a dozen or so people were getting off of a maroon trolley.  I thought, “Good God I really do live in the south.”

The magnolias nodded in agreement.

Love you all, see you soon (with a complete issue!)



2 thoughts on “knee deep

  1. It is such a busy time! I actually love the late summer/early Fall. Our brains start kind of filtering everything they took in over the long lazy summer.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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