I’m going on hiatus here for a bit. I am writing, but I’ve been noticing that my output, while daily and fruitful, has not been very focused lately. I’ve had some bolts of inspired lightning that I’m afraid of spooking away by posting too much. I don’t want to drain my already low resources. I hope to see you all when I return with some fresh work in hand. Your community, your supportive words and kind and firey spirits will bring me back here soon, I’m sure.


Unrelated, but have you ever eavesdropped on a small murder of crows? I just did. There were two large crows up in the trees outside my kitchen window; they were making  the most alien, spooky clicking sounds in the back of their throats.


10 thoughts on “hiatus

  1. I hope your hiatus is productive and you bring us back lots of things to savor.

    The conversation of crows is entirely not for human ears — enough to creep one out for days if not drive one insane. That’s me, though.

  2. I look forward to reading thoughts that are never spoken by you, but are written down on paper. So much is still inside and will grow and blossom in your years to come.

    Much love to my “sweetpea”,


"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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