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If you’re visiting from The Monster in Your Closet, let me start by saying that I’m super happy to meet you! Deborah is quite possible the kindest, sweetest, and one of the most articulate writers/bloggers scratching at a keyboard these days, and I’m honored to be featured in her For This I Am Thankful series.

I’ll be frank. I’m currently taking a (hopefully) brief break from blogging. We’re in the midst of a (local) move,  and though we’re veteran movers (we moved to Alaska and back in the span of eighteen months; enough to make a minimalist out of any hoarder), this move is slapping my ass and calling me Sally. Seriously.  I don’t think this self-imposed vow of silence here will last long (already my fingers just itch), so if you choose to return you’ll be sure to find fresh fiction, some haiku, and a whole lot of head-in-the-clouds random.

About me: I’m a mom to an almost seven year old boy who we call Xander.  He’s fantastic. He’s an old soul. He meditates. He’s goofy. He’s flaxen haired and gorgeous. He’s the reason I started writing obsessively again after a long dry spell in my early twenties. I’m married to Gary, who is a director of photography and still photographer. We met when I was nineteen and newly sober (he was thirty and had been sober for a decade). He’s really talented, kind, focused, and honest. He’s pretty swell.

I’ve been writing since I was eight, when my mom gave me her old Brother typewriter. I’m partial to writing short stories, because I have a short attention span and like creating armies of characters. I get bored easily. I like robin’s egg blue the best out of all the colors in the wheel.

My dear friend Katie Wright (who is a writer and lawyer living in Sydney, Australia) and I co-edit and create a literary magazine called Far Away. We just launched the second issue. You can find that here. It’s not a juried submission publication: we believe that everyone who creates art should share their art freely and without fear or judgement.  We are all creative beings, we are all capable of spinning gold.  If you’re a visual artist or writer (or just enjoy making pretty or raw things), we’d love to see and share your work.

Thank you again for visiting, and I promise to be back regularly on here quite soon. Once the dust has settled and the coffee mugs are in their new spot in the cupboard I’m sure I’ll be brewing pot after pot and pouring out my heart again in this space.

7 thoughts on “for this…

  1. I’m chasing a toddler around the living room right now, but I took a few moments out to read this–so beautiful, like all the words from your beautiful soul! I hope many people will wander over here in the next few days and love what they see (both in and beyond the words) as much as I do. ♥

  2. I’m delighted to have found your blog via Deborah’s. I can appreciate the craziness of moving. My partner and I have moved with two dogs from the US to Vietnam and then to Haiti–now back in the US. We did this all in 2 and a half years–story on my blog. Can’t wait till you resurface.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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