twine (re-post)

Please forgive the re-post, but as you might know we’re moving house in a couple of days (this time just down the street and not practically across the Universe). I wrote this when we were about to embark on our exodus from Alaska last summer, and thought I’d share again.

 I’ll see you all soon.  I hope you’re all fairing well, and wish you peace, love, and the moon and stars.


We’ve been wrapped in twine

waiting in cardboard boxes

and we’re ready now

By Lykesorad on DeviantArt


6 thoughts on “twine (re-post)

  1. Such a beautifully designed blog, and such a generous sensibility infusing everything.

    Moves of a short distance are often harder, I’ve found, maybe because we underestimate them. The hardest move we ever made was from the ninth floor to the fifth floor of our current apartment building. Wishing you a nice quick move with no stray details.

    I’ll enjoy poking around here until your return.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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