Not my most eloquent post, but it’s about shoes so there you have it.

I don’t usually talk/write about this kind of matter in such a public, online forum, but Gary thought I should throw my concerns to the wolves and see what bones get thrown back. So on I go.

In April of this year (did you have a nice April? I sure did) I asked for advice on facebook about shoes. Sandals, to be exact. I walk a lot around town, and wanted a new pair  that would be comfortable and go with dresses and jeans both. When I need shoes, I usually turn to the bullseye or TJ Maxx. I’ve had luck finding cute (though sometimes uncomfortable at first) cheap shoes that can withstand my walking habits.

Well, ask about shoes on facebook, and you’ll get barraged with loads of comments and advice nuggets. The brands recommended were ones that I usually didn’t even think about, mainly because I usually can’t afford them. Well, that’s not true. I just don’t usually want to spend 150.00 on a pair of shoes. Not when I can buy a cute, on-trend pair at Target or Marshalls for less than 20.00. Nuh-uh. No way. But, the experts (and my friends) said that I was tearing my feet up with these shoes, and that the pricier ones last longer so you don’t spend as much money replacing them as you do in the long run buying cheap shoes.

Let me say that I’ve had a few pairs of Target shoes that have lasted for years. I also have a cute pair of weird-brand Mary Jane heels that I found at a Catholic thrift store in Alaska with the price tags still on that have lasted forever, too. And they’re generally comfortable, which is saying a lot for a pair of four and a half inch heels. I also have a ridiculously, sinfully comfortable pair of Rocket Dog clogs that I’ve had for a while that feel like walking on soft golden retriever puppies when I step into them. They were 30.00, and I wore them ALL last winter and they still look new.

I took some advice, back in April with the grass was really green and the dogwoods and daffodils were blooming. I had some extra money. I took a chance. I bought a pair of 120.00 Danskos (the Sigrid) and I wore them in the Spring and Summer. Yes, they were very comfortable (they went to DC and Fredericksburg with me, and to the Smokies and the beach). But look at them  now:

Let me add that a pair of these ballet flats, that I bought at the same time and have worn just as much, still look brand new (just a little stretched, but ballet flats always do that). I spent less than 15.00 on them.

I guess the point of this lame story, is that I’ll continue buying the cheap shoes. Everything is made in China now anyway (even the pricey “better” brands), so really, “quality” means nothing now (only speed and efficiency and high profit margins). I tried to send a few words to Dansko (which I never, ever do)  but their online contact form is down.

That is all. Thanks for being a patient, silent, listening voice that won’t tell me to buy another pair of 120.00 shoes.*

*Note to my friends to told me to spend a bit more on shoes: I still love you all, of course.  Some of you almost to distraction. Just know that next time you might suggest Merrells (though I do have a pair of their hiking boots that I’ve had for eight years ~ I bought them on clearance) or Danskos or Keens or Borns, that I’m going to smile and steer myself to the bright, happy aisles of Target. They know and love me and my feet there, plus I can get a gallon of milk and a new paperback before I leave. 


UPDATE: Dansko Rep Tanya (Tonya?) just called. Dankso is sad about my experience and is letting me exchange the shoes for any pair I would like (clog, sandal, etc). That, my friends, is customer service. I applaud that company! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Not my most eloquent post, but it’s about shoes so there you have it.

  1. Ditto on everything you said. I bought a pair of shoes during the summer that were more expensive than what I usually pay and guess what? The strap broke and I can’t wear them anymore. Lame.

  2. How funny. I personally live in Crocs, which are a bit less expensive, but ridiculously comfortable. The ones I’m wearing today I have literally worn for close to 3 years all over the planet. Yes, they’re flip-flops, but heck, I love them.

    And I’m a huge Target fan, as well! Great post!


  3. My best shoe experience—I got a pair of low, taupe naturalizer wedges in 2005 at a thrift store (they were brand new–they had a pair in every size–I have really small feet so I often just go for it if shoes fit), and they lasted until 2010. I wore them ALL THE TIME….and was still contemplating getting them repaired when I finally tossed them

    (Yay for allowing yourself to write about this!)

  4. That, my dear, is a great bargain! I love thrift store finds like that.

    And I don’t know why I find it hard to post the less, hmmm, literary things that I write. Maybe I don’t want to seem like a mom blog or something? I have no idea and I need to get over it. 🙂

  5. Shoot. I am wearing Crocs that are not the cloggy ones but two tiny straps and a sole and they are all I need.
    The older I get, the less I care about anything but comfort.

  6. You got that right, Ms. Moon. I wanted my Dansko sandals to be my forever shoes. They were so comfortable. Turns out nothing is forever. Not expensive shoes, not diamonds, not the sun and the moon.

    And I always have pictured you in a pair of Xtra tuffs. Maybe I’ll get you some to tinker around the house and garden in during the chill of your Florida winter.

  7. Did Dansko contact you after you posted this? Calling Charter has resulted in horrible customer service, whereas tweeting about it has resulted in ample rewards. 🙂

    I have a pair of Rocket Dog sneakers that I adore. I wish I could find more of them without actually having to go shoe shopping. Shopping–ugh!

    I’m with you, though. I’ve splurged on exactly one pair of shoes so far in my life, only to come home a couple weeks later and find them devoured by my dog. He doesn’t usually engage in such behavior, so I took that as a sign, regardless of the fact it was probably just a reflection of boredom. Hee.

  8. He was mad at your capitalist splurge, maybe? 😉

    They did contact me about an hour after posting this? But I did provide a link to the post in an email to several chief officers at Dansko. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. First of all, “mom” blogs are grrrrreat! 🙂 And, thanks for subscribing to mine; I truly appreciate it. Blending a little down home truths within literary beauty works for me. As for shoe stories…I have splurged a time or two with both good and bad experiences, but my typical stance is Target-priced footwear, or Walmart, or KMart, or any other Mart that has terrific prices, and because I’m able to gather so many great decorations for my feet and take turns with each and every one, they last a nice long time! My best purchase to date, though? A pair of cowboy boots I got from a western store in Vegas over a decade ago, cost me $25, and not one hole or stitch loose to date…best part about that? Now I get to wear them while I actually learn to ride a horse. Love it, and here’s to more great shoe stories!

  10. You know, they really are fantastic. I love reading them! I really enjoy their journalistic style (which is a writing style that is my Achilles heel!).

    Those boots sound fantastic, and dear God do I love, love horses.

  11. Oh, that is so neat! When I read your “bio” I found quite a few things you mentioned that struck me as similarities. I love that about reading blogs…the connecting factor. People we may otherwise never cross paths with. I just began riding about six months ago, something I’ve always wanted to do, and something I thought woud be great for me and my daughter to do together. I love it!

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