Tuesday Morning

There are ladies in Tuesday Morning: sleek, thin, blonde hair swept into swept into a smooth french twists. Their earrings are gold, their pants and sweaters tight and black. They are in Tuesday Morning to buy a scarf, or a pillow, or a Root candle. “White Birch” smells like their ex-husband’s cologne, “Green Tea Bamboo” smells like the girl they knew in college that kissed other girls sometimes. These women in Tuesday Morning have secrets, and wants, and secret wants. They want to hold as many pretty things in their hands until their white skin turns to porcelain, then to paper, then to baby powder ash. Their homes are already choked with granite, and stainless steel, and crystal vases full of blood-red roses. What else do they need? Everything. So much more. Raw silk, faux fur, cashmere, cold, cold metal. They don’t eat much so they touch everything they can.

They spend a lot of money but not as much as they used to. Grey plastic bags are stuffed with down blankets, and inside the blankets are some monogrammed coffee mugs, bought for a friend’s birthday. It will feel good to go to the friend’s home and see the small gift in the cupboard.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. Don’t know that I’ve ever actually been in a Tuesday Morning, but I know the kind of women you’re writing about. I especially love the line about their not eating much, so they touch everything they can. Powerful image.

  2. It’s actually kind of a neat place. The prices are so low, for brands/items you’ll see in high end department stores. I always find something fun. They seem to always have giant Buddha heads, for some reason. 🙂

  3. I have bought a Buddha Head at Tuesday Morning! For a friend! Isn’t that funny?
    I don’t know about that store. I get…jangled there.
    I haven’t been there in forever. I am jangled enough.

  4. I almost bought one for 20.00 yesterday. There was also a giant Guanyin head. I might go back and get her, so I can put her in the mountain laurels in my front yard.

  5. Sounds like fun…going to Tuesday Morning on Tuesday morning. 🙂 I’ve been in the store a couple of times…but long, long ago when spending extra money on “stuff” was more of an option. Nice know about the Buddha heads, ha, ha…my sister has Buddha all through her home! Wouldn’t it be strange to buy her a Buddha head for Christmas?

  6. You’re probably correct! I think we happen to have a Tuesday Morning right near where I work, as matter of fact, and the price point is perfect. Wonderful post; you write with amazing imagery, and I feel transported with each entry. Thank you!!

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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