every one of us

This will be our archival footage, our crinkling black wax phonograph. One hundred and thirty years from now pale students wearing even paler robes will search for us, growing weary and red-eyed, their late night efforts seemingly futile. Then a spark, and a glint, and an opening in the tunnel.

There they are. This is what they looked like. This is what their voices sounded like. These are the foods they ate. These were their words and these are their brushstrokes in the thick oil paint. They were so like us, and their hearts beat in rhythm before slowing, and fading, and evaporating into cotton white nothing. 

Stars, every one of us.


~I know this is old news. But it shook me just the same. It’s believed to be Whitman reading some of his poem, “America”. Wow.~

8 thoughts on “every one of us

  1. Oh. That Whitman gave me the shivers. As did your photo — and the glorious words. Have you ever heard Yeats read “The Lake Isle of Innisfree?”

  2. Everything Whitman did gave me the shivers. This piece is particularly beautiful. I still love “Oh Captain, My Captain,” no matter how many times it is read.

  3. A long while back I purchased some shadow puppets from Imagine Childhood for Xander. In our move back in October to the new house they got a bit lost, and I unearthed them when I was hunting around for some vinyl records. Gary set up a cool backdrop and lit it from behind with some of his photography lights. I took a few pictures and video with Gary’s new little point and shoot camera…I’ll have to post some of the video, too. It was cute!

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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