What seems like a hundred years ago, Gary and I began working on a small picture book. We were living in Alaska, where inspiration from nature practically beats down your door, begging you to document the other-worldly gorgeousness swirling outside your window.

We worked on it for a long time, then forgot about it, or at least pretended to forget about it. I grew disenchanted with the project. Gary got very busy with work. These things happen, unfortunately.

Well. After a few tweaks and cuts and shaves, it’s done. I mean all the way. We have to upload it to Blurb, have a few ‘dummies’ printed, and then off it will go to a few regional publishers in Alaska. We’re debating about whether to offer it for general sale before we hear back from publishers, but if six months go by and we hear nothing, then we’ll just sell it out of the back of the van, so to speak.

I miss Alaska. My head is still in its clouds. For all its majesty, though, living there was difficult. Gary and I bickered more than we ever have before or since. To be surrounded by such raw beauty and fuss at the one you love is an odd, detached feeling. I don’t miss that part.


9 thoughts on “fruition

  1. i love blurb! congrats on completing your book.

    i see you’ve changed the design of your blog, and i love the openness of this new look, but for some reason a lot of the titles and display type are garbled. I may not have the font on my computer or something, which may be why I can read them. i wonder if anyone else is having this issue? i hate to miss a single one of your words!

  2. Love the new format here!

    About the book–fabulous to have finished it. I would love you to share more about it. Can we get a sneak peak?

    By the way, Sara and I argued a lot when we were living in Haiti. I don’t know why. Perhaps the stress. We are much compatible now that we are home, but we miss Haiti like a lost limb–the one that calls to you at night.


  3. Kathy,

    I will definitely share more soon!

    Also, would love to talk to you at great length about you and Sara’s relationship while you were in Haiti, it sounds totally parallel to our experience in Alaska. You’ve put it perfectly, in saying that you miss it like a lost limb. Just today I was in the grocery and got all weepy in the aisle, thinking of the little neighborhood Carr’s I used to walk to in Eagle River! What in the world!?

  4. Well, it is easy to remember the good and the glorious and to let slide that which was not so. But you have made a book of it! Lovely and I hope someone wants to sell it for you.

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth! Part of me wants to by-pass the traditional publishing route and just sell it independently. We’re trying first with regional presses in AK that focus on picture books…after that, we’ll see.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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