Pinterest is helping me conjure up the inspiration to finish a few writing projects. For my novel, Men in Caves, I’ve created a board to extract the images that run through my mind of the mine and those who live there. You can see that board, which grows daily, by clicking on the dreamy photo above.

You can read some of the drafts of the novel here:

I’m also slowly building visions of the twin girls I’ve started thinking about…and Pinterest is helping me sort their beauty and their story into a lovely sort of shadowbox. More on that one soon.

What about you? Do you love Pinterest? If so, I’d love for us to follow one another.


7 thoughts on “inspired

  1. I just joined pinterest a couple days ago. So far, I’m loving it! And I love hearing how it is inspiring writers like you!

    That photograph is haunting, but quite beautiful!

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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