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I have started a little tumblr to organize the bits that inspire my writing here. If you’re on tumblr, will you follow?

Here’s the link:

Also, have just started reading Patti Smith’s Woolgathering.  Written twenty years ago when Patti was 45 and living with her children and husband outside of Detroit, Woolgathering is the sort of calm, quiet, concise work that settles the spirit as it is ingested. Patti is teaching me that it’s okay to be spare with your words, that a little can say a lot. I’ve been struggling with this in editing Men in Caves. For a while I’ve felt it needs to be longer to be better. Less is more sometimes. Novels can be as short and soft as a breeze and still be true.


6 thoughts on “following inspiration

  1. I love what inspires you, Chrissy. I will check out “Woolgathering.” Sounds wonderful. Is there any way to subscribe to your Tumblr site via email? I didn’t see that option.

  2. I’m actually reading what’s possibly the shortest novel I will have read. (I devoured probably 15% of it while walking to the market on my lunch break.) When i first started reading it a couple of days ago, it was discomfiting to see how quickly it flowed, but now I appreciate how different it is from what I usually read.

  3. I, too, struggle with structure and have found that the way I write is actually in short pieces. There’s great beauty, I think, in doing that. I think of Abigail Thomas — have you read her? I haven’t yet read “Wood-gathering” but I adore the title —

  4. I haven’t, but since you left your comment I’ve been reading her website. This wraps how I feel up quite nicely: “But life doesn’t arrange itself conveniently into chapters, not mine anyway. You can’t just slice it neatly into segments.”

    You can say this for some stories, too. I’m hoping when I return to school this fall it will help me find my own distinct structure, unconventional as it may turn out to be.

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