So many stories are flying around my head when I hear this song!



8 thoughts on “lana

  1. Wow. She reminds me of Chris Isaak. High damn praise.
    And…the thing I am writing on now? A widow talks about dressing her husband’s body for the grave herself and she puts him in a pair of Levis and a white shirt, the sleeves rolled up.
    So, okay. Yes.

  2. It’s a sexy song but I give the credit to the team behind Lana.
    Also – my song (which i sang while imagining my first time – youtubing it now) Girl – you’ll be a woman soon.
    Also Also – I still want to stage an uprising against wordpress. I have an account associated with my email. If I don’t log in first, it takes me to the log in page and I lose the text of my comment. Just sayin wordpress.. or it could be my fault course. That’s possible.

    Postscript NOOOOO It’s wordpress. it just did it again. Thank the stars I pressed Ctrl C 😉

  3. There were two identical comments from you…not sure what’s up with that. I’m going to fiddle with the comments section and see if I can’t remedy.

  4. I think I, too, may have a million stories flying around in my head after watching this! So powerful, great source of creative inspiration. Thanks for sharing! (Love the image of the crocodile interchanged with the man, and those scales!)

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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