This is why paper ephemera is important

The above is a to-do list that Johnny Cash wrote. We can’t lose our paper, our books, our drawings and notes. It’s part of what makes us so human and so fine.

You can do your part, and I can write you a letter. 

If you’d like to give away your morning into the ether, hop on over to Lists of Note. Lord Almighty, it’s a gas. 


12 thoughts on “This is why paper ephemera is important

  1. you have been doing some lovely writing on this blog, lyrical, aching, every bit real. thank you.

    ps tried to leave this comment three times. let’s hope third time’s a charm. xo

  2. This is how I feel (not the list, but the sentiment about the list, although the list is great). I almost feel a sense of desperation about it all. Going paperless is not about saving the trees anymore, you know?

  3. There is some really weird stuff going on with blogger to wordpress communication lately! It is the strangest thing.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing. It’s sentiments like that which keep me going.!

  4. Right! There is a desperation…it feels a bit like a battle. I’m glad to be a small part of it, and I need to not rely on the glowing machine as much.

  5. I love that site — been reading it for a time — I love other people’s lists, but don’t really make them myself (except about things that I hate!)

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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