She finds comfort in cause and effect and in the soft quilts that she piles on the hammock that hangs from the eaves of her covered porch. The quilts are old enough to be smooth, and they are perfect because of their imperfect stitches and irregular patches of color.

If the cicadas weren’t humming there would be quiet, but she doesn’t mind their constant rhythm. The heat makes her languid, and she lets her mind think about small things. As she moves her body slightly to rock the hammock, she thinks about the power of her body: her hands make good food, and her body makes her husband happy, and grows beautiful children. Like a cat she can stretch in the nest she’s made; the weeds are pulled, the lawn is mowed, and there is sweet tea in a glass pitcher on the kitchen counter. When she closes her eyes there are no frightening images flashing red; the only colors that are painted in her mind are the peach, turquoise, and daffodil yellow that are on the quilts that cover her completely.


20 thoughts on “hammock

  1. Is that your house, Chrissy? Either way, I love it. I wish I was in that hammock right now with my grandma’s hand-sewn quilt draped over me. I’ve been exausted the last few days, dreaming dreams that make me tired as the alarm clock beeps. And, oh, how I love sweet tea! XOXO-SWM

  2. it’s a beautiful time but i think something rests right on the horizon with its teeth in the shadows. comfort is an illusion, or at best only momentary. does she know this? is the tension in the story or only in me? either way, i enjoyed your vignette.

    i listened to a song today, granny. it holds traditional images in its way but certainly tension too. perhaps this is where it comes from. it’s a wonderful song by an incredible artist. you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV7QHYY5bTQ&feature=related


  3. It’d been so long since I last saw a hammock, I was startled and thrilled to see one at the zoo over the weekend! There was a hammock strung up in one of the bear living spaces. I saw that and hoped my little monkey will someday know the joy of reading in a hammock, even though we live in Los Angeles. I loved them so when I was little, and wish I could just step right into that photo for a few minutes of rest and reflection. Your words take me to the same place. ♥

  4. I wish! 🙂 Just a photo I found on pinterest. I live in a little 1950’s rancher…we used to have a hammock but the rain ruined it.

  5. Oh, she knows it. That’s what makes the brief, calm moments so sweet.

    I like the artist!! He reminds me of another favorite songwriter of mine, Dan Bern.

  6. I read this on my Kindle last night, and tried to comment, but it disappeared. I love this writing so much. I read all your posts last night, got all caught up, and Lordy, you can write, the soul of it just shimmers.

    Humbly glad to be here.

  7. Beautiful image. We used to have a hammock in our garden when we lived in Italy. I spent many happy hours lazing in its folds, enjoying the shade of the trees in the heat of the scorching summer months, or catching the evening rays with a glass of wine in hand. Thank you for bringing that back to my mind 🙂

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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