On Ideas

Xander I went to campus today, and we found all of my classes and bought all of my books. The building that houses my business math and business communication courses is much shinier than the buildings that hold my arts, humanities, and social science courses. But that’s the way life is, isn’t it? Pinstripe has more gloss and shine than tweed, but both worlds hold their own sort of beauty, their own richness of texture.

If I am quiet for great stretches, just know that I am working in earnest, and I haven’t forgotten my space here.


4 thoughts on “On Ideas

  1. Totally awesome, Chrissy. You are going to love school, and IT is going to LOVE you. Best of luck as you begin the semester, and know, your presence and words will be holding down your blogging fort. 🙂 XOXO-SWM

  2. I heard David Lynch at a fundraiser years ago when he was raising money for his meditation foundation. Such an amazing, sweet and weird guy all at once. I look forward to the video!

    And so exciting on your school preparation — I’m a bit envious!

  3. And I am envious of you getting to hear him speak! I’m so curious about his foundation. He seems to come across as this wonderfully humble and odd little fellow. Just love him.

    I am very excited about school – starting to get butterflies!

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