“Start a Blog, Change Your Life”

Here’s a photo of myself and the beautiful and talented Hannah Stephenson, taken last month in Columbus, Ohio.

right – Hannah, left – me * Thanks Hannah and Jack for a lovely afternoon!! *

Hannah is also an instructor, and she told me that she often tells her students to “start a blog, and change your life.” Hannah and I first “met” through reading each other’s words online, and she has contributed to all three issues of Far Away. Her father Jack has also contributed (and is a talented poet as well), and I also had the pleasure to meet him on my little sojourn, too.

Hannah’s advice is right, you know. This little website has changed my life for the better. It’s given me the courage and the accountability to write daily, and it’s also given me a lovely readership. Without this outlet (and my older site, which helped Katie and I become friends and colleagues), would I be finally going back to school to study creative writing? Maybe, maybe not.

If you haven’t read Hannah’s work, I invite you to dive right in. She’s amazing.

In case you’re interested, I started reading Hannah’s words because I used to write and share a lot of haiku. While still living in Alaska, I conducted a Google search to find other haiku poets. That search directed me to Rebecca’s Haiku My Heart, whose site then led me to Mary Moon, who showed me the way to Maggie May, and from there I found Hannah. The internet is a wild, woolly, wonderful place.


6 thoughts on ““Start a Blog, Change Your Life”

  1. Wonderful — and I happen to read all those bloggers, too! I will scoot over to Hannah’s place as I’m sure she, too, must be wonderful!

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