bits of glitter

A couple of hours ago, I looked out the kitchen window and was struck by the color and light outside. Everything looks washed in Kodachrome, saturated with gold, crisp and clear.

The summer was starting to get too stale and overcooked. Last week, before the rain came and it cooled down, I saw a large crow pecking a bit of trash. Its crown was bald, pale and naked, with just a few black feathers poking out of its long neck. Its face was mottled; more patches of feathers missing. When the rain swept in, bringing September with it, the crow must have lifted its head to the sky, its beak open. I hope I never get too busy that I can’t hear the flap of wings, or feel the fresh autumn air on my arms, fingertips, and neck.

I have been awfully busy, but such a good busy I can’t complain. I am sure I have several new wrinkles, but each are so well-earned that I’ll probably decorate them with bits of glitter to show them off.

Speaking of crows: whenever X sees one he points and whispers, in a dark and croaking voice, “KROOOOOONOOOOOOOOOS”*. Thank you again, Rick Riordan, for planting a love of mythology in my son’s beautiful blond head. 🙂

*Kronos, king of the Titans, father of Zeus. He is often symbolized by a crow.


7 thoughts on “bits of glitter

  1. I have a combative relationship with crows — something about the way they hop across a parking lot gives me the creeps —

  2. I love that the fall is coming…I’m ready. I hope, too, that I always am able to hear, see, and/or feel the details and precious valuables of life. I finally went riding in the big arena at the stables where where my horse lives. The yucalyptus trees where raining leaves, and as we road the breeze was blowing. It was a beautiful and peaceful afternoon, and Maycee and her BFF were so well-behaved to let mama have her quiet time. Crows: they hang out in the large trees behind my house, talking amongst themselves. When a see a bunch of them together, I always think of the movie The Birds!

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