I am so thankful for the yellow color of ginkgo leaves in the fall…I love that so many are shaped like hearts.

This is an interesting article I found on Psychology Today .

It speaks of the difficult time that many addicts go through during the holidays. I’m lucky that this isn’t the case with me now, though it certainly was when I was still drinking and when I was newly sober. We’re confronted with the fact that something is different with us than with much of the population. That we can’t enjoy that spiced mulled cider, that it’s poison and will send us into a tailspin. We get funny looks for turning down food cooked with rum (“but it cooks off!”). The actual alcohol content cooks off, yes,  but the flavor remains. They don’t understand that the flavor alone will bring back a torrent of memories, some very pleasant & therefore very dangerous. No one offers an ex-junkie a heroin cake.

Is it pretty where you live? We’re having such lovely weather, though I know that the northeast is cold, and wet, and battered. I hope the clouds part and power returns to everyone soon.


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  1. It is pretty here. Autumn here isn’t much like the season back home but it’s cooler and breezier, and there are just enough extra clouds in the sky to evoke the feeling of home that’s always stronger, somehow, this time of year.

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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