tube television

We had enough to eat then, though the food wasn’t of a high quality or nutritional value. Many nights were spent on the couch with a plate of pizza rolls shared between our knees. The pizza rolls were cooked unevenly(frozen on one side, red hot lava  on the other)  in the microwave that once belonged to your grandmother, the one with the fake wood grain on the sides that weighed thirty pounds. The microwave we have now is small, and black, with a gleaming stainless steel handle. It weighs next to nothing, as microwave ovens go.

We were talking the other night about how technology has changed around us as we’ve grown older. The bedroom of our first apartment was halfway taken up by a large computer desk with a white behemoth Gateway computer. I bought it on credit, paid for it in installments. Many hours of The Sims were played on its nicotine stained keyboard, and many White Stripes songs were pirated within its heavy motherboard.

Our son will not know a time without sleek black or shiny white electronics. He won’t know the quaint comfort of tube televisions, housed in cabinet slabs of dark wood, heavy grey glass screens flickering green after too much use. He won’t know what it feels like to sit too close, legs crossed on scratchy green shag carpet. He won’t understand what it was to flick a knob and uncover the fuzzy, hyper-color mysteries of the bizarre UHF channels. He will not know these particular feelings but he will have his own, ones that we will likely not share. This is the way the world works.


One thought on “tube television

  1. Hi, Chrissy! I’m so happy to read this post from you. I loved playing with those Little People when I was a kid. Gosh, I forgot what they looked like! And, I suppose you are right that our kids will have their own “remember when” feelings about certain things, but I often feel like it is not going to be the same. The technology is so fast and furious these days, but the changes from item to item are subtle, not drastic like going from black and white TV’s with dials to color TV’s with push buttons….or dial phones to push button phones to oh-my-gosh cordless phones, and of course, to cell phones that now do everything except breathe for us. I’m grateful that our generation still was able to experience a taste of the simpler times before the tech craze took over. Shag carpet…we had a different color in each room: gold for the main house, blue in my sister’s room, and bright pink in mine. 🙂

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