found in shavasana

Found in shavasana

Eight mermaids trapped beneath millions of years of ice, turquoise above and cobalt below.

Between their suspended bodies, a quiet depth cracks and explodes.  Within their slight chests, their hearts pump out one beat an hour,   their closed eyes blink open once a year.

The smallest one is swimming, rolling in her own pocket of clear water, turning her tail and curling open her orchid mouth. Bubbles surround her face before they freeze solid and become permanent.


3 thoughts on “found in shavasana

  1. Chrissy! Hope you are well and enjoying school, and I hope your holidays were beautiful! XOXO-SWM P.S. Love the writing, and artwork is wonderfully mystical. 🙂

"... all my lovers were there with me, all my past and futures."

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